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Eroge Game Review: Cosplay Fetish Academy

Can't get enough eroge PC visual novels? Well, here's another one for you just in case you may have missed it! Cosplay Fetish Academy is a deliciously naughty title originally released in Japan by Sekilala. The game features artwork by Kazuma Muramasa and has been translated into English by Peach Princess. As one might expect, this game is rated 18+ and contains adult content, though I presume that was an easy deduction, especially from the screenshots supplied below. Cosplay Fetish Academy is available through Jlist for $34.95.
Cosplay Fetish Academy is similar to just about every other visual novel out there and puts you in the shoes of a young male about to have an adventure in sex. The gameplay is rather straightforward and really all you do is make textual based selections to direct the action of the story. There's nothing here resembling interactivity of any kind, aside from the selections, so anyone looking for traditional gameplay will be left wanting. Those who know what to expect from a visual novel will feel right at home, however.

In Cosplay Fetish Academy you slip into the shoes of Ryouji, who is a student at Seiai Academy. He seems to be your average kid, and he actually lives in this town with his cousins Shana and Yuuki, who happen to be staying at his place. Everything was going fine for the trio until one day a freakish storm occurred and turned their world upside down!
As it turns out in the game Ryouji and Shana were visiting Yuuki at a shrine she works at as a miko priestess. A bizarre thunderstorm rolled through and the three duck for cover, passing out in the process. Now the world around them has changed and the girls that attend a nearby girl's school now strut around in risqué cosplay outfits and fetish gear. The girls were naturally taken aback by this, but Ryouji soon found himself to be in heaven as every girl he passed bared more flesh than the one before her. As it turns out through the course of the story, the three have been transported to a new world/dimension only slightly different from theirs. It just so happens to be full of eye-candy!

Cosplay Fetish Academy's story is entertaining throughout and it lasts a good long while. With that being said it does feel like the tale just takes forever to get going. Events unfold in a slow, drawn out manner and most of the reveals just aren't as climactic as they should feel. The story is entertaining as a background for the action, however, this game falters a little is in the character department.
From Ryouji right on down through Yuuki, Shana, Kotori, Maika, and Akari, every personality in this game is one-dimensional. They basically serve one purpose and one purpose only, often acting blindly and bizarrely in order to get to a point the story wants them to be at. I suppose it's not glaringly different from other visual novels, but the characters have a way of removing you from the story a bit. That's not necessarily a good thing, because they are supposed to be the thing that draws you in and makes you care. There are still plenty of entertaining moments in the story here, but getting to them can be a little annoying at times.
As is the case with other visual novels, Cosplay Fetish Academy lets you go down different paths and make selections that change the course of the game. There are several endings to be found here and a couple of each girl you choose as to be expected. How you get to them, or which one you select, is entirely up to you and there's quite a bit of freedom here. Because of that this game lasts for a long, long time so be prepared to lose a lot of sleep pouring through the options.
I'm sure by this point you're probably wondering about what kind of action there is to be had here. Along those lines Cosplay Fetish Academy does not disappoint really. The game addresses nearly every fetish otaku have in the costumes it dresses the females in. There's all kinds of flesh to ogle at in every scene, and of course there are sex scenes aplenty. These are tame and tasteful by most standards and there's really no kink involved, despite some of the promise made by these outfits. Those looking for hardcore hentai content will be disappointed, but anyone just looking for quality scenes with fine art will be pleased enough.

Speaking of the game's artwork, the content supplied by Kazuma Muramasa is simply too awesome. Every character's design stands out for all the right reasons and all around everything in this game clicks. The backgrounds are great, the color palette is vibrant, and the designs are truly captivating. The sound effects, voiceovers, and soundtrack compliment the art design in the game. All told both combined to make a very rewarding experience that helps pick up the pieces where the story/characters may be lacking. As is the case with other titles in the genre there are also CG collections and scenes to collect as you play through.
Cosplay Fetish Academy is a good visual novel all around and it provides plenty of eye-candy for players to gawk at. The story is entertaining and interesting enough to keep you strung along, and the various adult scenes make the journey worth it. Presentation is another strong suit that this title brings to the table and it's simply gorgeous throughout. If this game has any flaw it's that the characters are kind of one-dimensional and you'll never really form a connection with them. That's a small chip in the armor though, since this is a solid experience from start to finish. Consider it recommended.

Maki Rating:

Review material provided by Jlist. Cosplay Fetish Academy is rated Adults Only 18+ for Strong Sexual Content and Erotic Costume Play.

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