Monday, February 22, 2010

Editorial: 3D Anime... Think About It!

Okay, so 3D has been around for a long, long time, but with the success of Imax and 3D films such as Avatar, 3D technology is better than ever and it's coming soon to the home market. Sure when 3D TVs launch later this year they are undoubtedly going to be incredibly expensive, but if it survives long enough to come down in price isn't that going to be awesome? I think so anyway.
The applications of this technology for home theaters will revolutionize many industries (and not just the porn biz - think about that for a second...). Sports, travel shows, documentaries, talk shows (Jerry Springer 3D!). I can see so many things being better because of 3D televisions, but what about anime?

In my humble opinion here are five shows that absolutely would be required to have a 3D conversion:

Cowboy Bebop:
What could be cooler than watching Spike and Jet kick some ass in 3D? Mmmm... pretty much nothing. That's what.

Ghost in the Shell:
Major Kusanagi in 3D? Yes please!

This is already a breathtaking show. Just imagining it in 3D is enough to make my head spin!

Gurren Lagann:
Pierce the heavens in 3D! This epic show just got even more so (Yoko in 3D. *drool)

Samurai 7:
And finally, we have one of the most expensive anime ever produced. If you've already seen the show then you can just imagine what some of these battle sequences would look like in 3D.

Think 3D anime would be a good thing? A bad thing? What shows would you, or would you not (*cough* Dragonaut *cough*), want to see? Feel free to leave a comment!


Prede said...

FLCL in 3-D is a must!! It would be amazing to see all those crazy scenes, flying out at you. Eva would be interesting in 3-D as well. As for the shows you list, nice picks, but Gankutsuou gives me a headache already, not sure if I could handle that in 3-D. AMAZING show though.

Todd said...

FLCL would be crazy! Nice pick. Last Exile is another one that would probably benefit from a redo such as this...

Jyuichi said...

I'm stereoblind (can't see 3D) so it would be rather inconvenient for me. ^^; (It was quite difficult to find a theater showing Avatar in 2D.) I would hope publishers would have the decency to include both versions.

Since the new versions preserve color, I think 3D anime would work quite well for you normal folk (hypothesizing a bit). Action shows and fan service shows in particular would obviously benefit from this technology.

The few times in my life I have briefly seen in 3D it was quite bazzare so maybe the mix would work creatively. Having some elements "flat" and others not could be used to create variation and dramatic effect in anime that have multiple realities/worlds like like lain or Paprika.

Again this is based on my atypical experience. ^^;

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