Monday, November 2, 2009

Back from Vegas!

Just got back from Vegas at 1:00 am this morning. I'm rested and ready to buckle down and get to work! Before I get back to reviewing though, here are some insights into Vegas for the anime lover.

For starters, there is nothing on the strip even remotely resembling a place where otaku can gather. There isn't a single anime or manga in sight. If you happen to be traveling to Sin City be sure to pack whatever DVDs and books you want, because it's going to be one heck of an anime dry spell. I would have been lost if I didn't bring along some manga (What a Wonderful World - review coming up soon) and anime (Ghost Hound and Blassreiter - again, reviews coming up soon).

Then again, you're in Sin City for the booze, boobs, and gambling, so I suppose anime isn't exactly on the minds of those visiting. I will say that one thing that impressed me was the daunting amount of Japanese restaurants. There's a sushi bar in every hotel and more restaurants than you can shake a chopstick at. Some notable ones are Sushi Roku, Todai (awesome buffet - I highly recommend it), and Shibuya.

The bottom line is Vegas was fun (when you aren't being accosted by people trying to sell you a hooker) and it's definitely an experience to go there, but don't expect to find anything related to Japan aside from the food and tourists. Oh, I did score this sweet shirt from the Coke store though!

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